• Jan 31, 2014
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Creating a Mountain Home - Interview with Cheryl Browne

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We had a chance to ask Cheryl Brown a few questions about her experience designing in the Colorado mountains. If you're looking to create a mountain home or just get that cozy, mountain lodge look, here's your opportunity to get some expert insight. Cheryl offers advice on the best products and color schemes to create a beautiful mountain escape.

Essentials of a Mountain Home

BDMS: What are some key elements that make a mountain home comfortable and relaxed while  still having style?

CB: I love the idea of using hand scraped European White Oak Flooring with an oil-based finish (pictured bottom right).  These floors are incredibly durable and easy to live with.  They have a timeless look and can look great in any mountain home whether your style is more traditional or more of a mountain modern look.  Area rugs are a great way to add warmth and color.  A good quality hand knotted wool rug will last a lifetime (pictured bottom left).  The trend now is the “shaggy” look and they can work well with any style (pictured top left).  There are so many synthetic fiber options that feel soft and have unique combinations of colors as well as solid neutrals.

BDMS: What are some products that perform well in mountain homes where you often have additional  dirt and moisture from a rustic setting?

CB: Luxury vinyl plank flooring has gained a lot of popularity recently (pictured top right).  Although commercial spaces have been using it for awhile, I am finding that more residential consumers are liking the idea as well.  They are very durable, have a water resistant surface, and are scratch and dent resistant.  They have very realistic textures and patterns that look like wood.  They are also a great solution for people who have pets.  There is very little maintenance in comparison to wood floors and stone.  Another product that we are seeing used indoors are polypropylene rugs in areas such as entry’s, mud rooms and laundry rooms.  They are stain resistant, color fast, anti-static, anti-microbial and safe for the environment.  Whether you like the look of a sisal rug or a more traditional patterned carpet, there is something for everyone.

BDMS: What color schemes are popular in mountain homes?

CB: I am seeing all kinds of color schemes but one in particular seems to be popular still today.  The use of chocolate browns, aqua’s or soft greens and creams are widely used.  We are also seeing some brighter tones used in the more contemporary rugs and fabrics.  Think tangerine, lime green and even grape.  I think we will always have a fondness for reds and greens.  Neutrals are very popular because our surrounding mountains serve as a stunning background.  Shades of plum, rust, sage and olive can be pulled for inspiration for your artwork and throw pillows to add color.

Cheryl BrowneCheryl Browne has been in the Interior Design field for 30 years.  She studied Interior Design at Michigan State University and upon graduating joined her family in Colorado Springs where she lived before relocating to Vail.  Her first years were spent as a designer at The Finishing Touch.  Carol Moore then recruited Cheryl to work for her at her Edwards design firm where she designed high end mountain homes.  Cheryl joined Ruggs Benedict’s team in May of 2012 after being a loyal customer Cheryl enjoys the active mountain lifestyle along with reading, cooking, traveling and caring for Leo, her beloved cat.

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